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Garrity Industries made a technological and historical innovation by introducing to the world the very first disposable flashlight: the Life Lite. This is the world’s leading when it comes to disposable flashlights. No wonder as this heavy duty disposable battery gives out 150 hours of continuous light! This disposable flashlight is perfect for home, office and even in the road. Over the years, the Garrity flashlights were added and improved with a line of flashlights which are not just affordable but are rugged and durable. You can even request for a customized Garrity flashlight which will depend on your usage. Read some best flashlight reviews 2015 to see what others say about this flashlight.

These lines of products were even made greater as Garrity is now owned by Duracell, a company known to produce quality batteries.

Garrity Flashlights: Historical Value
History tells us that Garrity flashlights are more than just flashlights. They are part of American and world history. From their conception in 1969, Garrity Life Lite flashlights have made their mark in some important events. During Christmas of 1984, Life Lights were given by President Ronald Reagan as holiday presents.

The same flashlights were given to the victims of catastrophes caused by natural disasters and terrorists. Garrity flashlights notably helped the victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and of the search and rescue operation of the 9/11 attack.

In addition, it was historically part of the Gulf War as hundreds of thousands of Garrity Life Lights were supplied to soldiers. Truly, it is more than a flashlight; and we can say it is one of the best flashlights!

Check Your Heart Rate As You Go

Monitoring your heart rate during a workout is the best way to advise whether you are working out at the expected levels. There are several best heart rate monitors 2015 on the market, the choice depends on the expected amount, and accuracy of monitoring as each device gives different levels. They are as follows:

1. Polar FT60

Polar FT60 is one of the heart-rate monitors for athletes and ideal for serious trainers, changes your fitness objectives to routine, and tracks your progress hence acting as a motivator for one to stay on track. Its performance includes a star training, which has the capability of creating a routine for you as per your targets. It is easy to use with results on the watch unlike others, which offer them on a website, and the owner can replace its batteries with ease unlike other models.

2. Polar FT1

This is the cheapest heart monitor with the capabilities of warning users in case they leave the set zone by alarms and provides an average heart rate at the end of the workout. The unit has a larger display offering a bigger font than other brands and becomes easy to read and clear. However, this device is made of plastic unlike others and some users do not notice the difference but others dislike it due to some little discomfort caused. Its ownership entails a long warranty with no replaceable batteries by users.

3. Timex Ironman Race Trainer

This monitor supplements any user from beginners to experts with its chronograph features, comfort, durability and water-resistant among other features. The Timex Trainer can upload workout data to a website where users can track their workout progress and monitor food intake. The device user interface is not friendly and time consuming getting the rates and setting it up. Its wristband cannot be replaced by the user, hence causing a discomfort.

Tent Made Camping Extremely Enjoyable

The invention of pop up tents has made camping extremely enjoyable and easy. They not only exceptionally light but also easy to pack and carry. If you like to spend time outdoors, pop up tents are ideal for you. The tents come in various sizes and styles to suit your needs. Check out online stores and find the many ranges available. The tent reviews 2015 for camping describe these tents as impressively easy to use especially if you are new to camping. They can easily be assembled in a few minutes and most internet stores demonstrate a step by step procedure of assembling them.


If you have a knack for adventure or love to spend a weekend camping, you’ll find these pop up tents extremely important. The two man pop-up tents are very comfortable and offer a perfect setting for romantic camping. You can even find large pop up tents for smaller groups of campers or families. There are many accessories that come with these tents to help you create a home away from home. Don’t worry if you have children because there are special pop up tents designed for children. They come with bold designs and bright colors to please children. You can simply erect a tent in your garden or backyard and create a secret playing house for your children – they’ll love it.

Not all pop up tents are designed equal because some of them are only ideal for beach camping and others are suitable for most difficult situations. There are actually two types of pop up tents. The first one is packed in a 25 inch diameter bag and unfolds itself into place in seconds once released from the bag. The second one is self-erecting and has more space and is much heavier. The poles are inbuilt into the fabric and converge into a central support once released. Examples of the best pop up tents in the market include Igloo, Zaltana, Genji Sports pop up tent and ALEX Toys – pirate pop up tent for children.

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Some Buying Tips for Elliptical Machines

Elliptical machines are devices invented in the recent past to help people achieve effective physical fitness and workouts. Ideally, if you desire to live a healthy life, then it is inevitable for you to engage in regular physical exercises. Research has shown that hundreds and thousands of online users are visiting various websites everyday searching for the elliptical reviews. However, most of them end up with futile results.

Nevertheless, you should never worry any more as this article presents you with the best elliptical machine reviews that would ultimately assist anyone searching for the best machine like no other. However, before setting your foot at the doorsteps of any store selling workout machines, the following are some of the buying tips that you must have at the back of your mind:


Consider the durability of the machine bearing in mind the intensity of workouts you intend to use it for

· Its selling price

· Any warranties offered

· Consider the type of workouts you intend to engage in

· Consider the amount of the space you have in your home

· And any other viable factor(s)

Having the above inevitable facts readily available, there are higher chances of buying the best elliptical machine. In this regard, the following are the best elliptical machine reviews of the year 2014:

  • Sole E95 Review

This is the best-rated elliptical machine of the year as per the positive reviews from satisfied customers. In fact, it has been rated with four stars and above on both Sears’ and Amazon websites. It has a good selection of workout options and programs that user can choose from, such as heart rate, interval, and fat burn programs. In addition, Sole E95 comes with excellent warranties (parts and electronics warranties take five years while the motor and frame warranties are covered for life). It has been designed with a maximum weight limit of 400 pounds, which offers it enough strength to stand up even to the toughest workouts. These amazing features make Sole E95 one of the most expensive elliptical machines in the market.

How I Got a Durable and Quality Yoga Mat after 5 Months Search


I got into yoga more or less by chance about 10 months ago. My friend had asked that I accompany him to yoga practice. I agreed only because I didn’t have something else to do and, wanted to see for myself what this “yoga” stuff was all about. I was instantly hooked and signed up for practice three days later. Upon signing up, my instructor provided me with a list of essential things I had to buy for practice. This included a yoga mat. Excited, I bought the first mat I cam across. I was however disappointed that the mat didn’t last long as it tore after a week.

The funny thing is that I went on to buy my second yoga mat blindly without consulting anyone. This one lasted about a month before I decided to replace it. The main problem is that it tended to slip a lot which interfered with my practice. My third purchase was a bit better since I got advice from my instructor. She recommended a specific brand which according to her was one of the best in the market. I still have it at home but don’t use it because it’s a bit uncomfortable on my body. It feels like I’m practicing on a bare floor.

Close to giving up as a yogi – which should never happen in my opinion, I got advice from a fellow yogi. “Why don’t you try out some of the yoga mat reviews 2014? I actually found my mat after using such reviews.: She said. She further advised that I first have a list of the qualities I wanted in a yoga mat before using these reviews. This way, I would get the yoga mat that best matched my needs regardless of brand.

Excited, I prepared my list which included the following qualities. First, the mat had to be affordable. My first two purchases were a bit on the high end. Second, the mat had to be eco friendly. As a yogi, I’m obliged to protect nature. Third, it had to be thick enough to provide comfort. Fourth, it had to be non slip allowing me to enjoy each practice session. Finally, the mat had to be highly portable. Armed with my list, I Googled top 5 cheap yoga mat reviews 2014 to narrow my search down to a few selected mats.

After reading a few reviews, there was a winner. This yoga mat was present in almost all reviews. I’m glad to say that I still own the mat and it had serviced me for well over 9 moths now.

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