Best Pop Up Toasters to Try

Toasters are everywhere, but we often don’t think about them. Maybe because they make staples and not some delicacies and the capacity to use them creatively is quite limited. But again you crave those staples, you want to wake up, take a piece of bread, put in a slot, push it down the levers, let the hot wires do the magic and behold you get toast. Yeah, toast. Mornings are better with a cup of coffee and a good toast; it sets you up for the day ahead. That is why you need the best toaster in your kitchen. You need not battle yourself trying to find that toaster. Here are my three favorite pop up toasters.

Black Decker TR1478BD

Now this is one of the best 4 slice pop up toasters and serves me just right when I need to toast for a bigger number. I especially love it for the extra-wide slots meaning I can toast bread, buns or bagels because it accommodates those larger slices of bread with ease. I typically use it when I need regulated toasting because I can adjust a knob to set how toasted I want my bread, and I can always bring the toast out before the set time.

Proctor Silex 22611

I have used this toaster back in the day when toasting was just for me and maybe when a friend drops by. It is a life saver especially with my forgetful nature. It would automatically shut off when toasting was done.

Hamilton Beach 22811

I love this toaster because my toast stays warm without over toasting. At first, I was surprised with the beeps when the bread is first pushed down toaster and right before it popped up. Good for me, because with all the house chores, and work, I tend to forget.

Source: Grady line camp