How to Maintain an Espresso Machine

When you buy an electronic like this one that costs as much as espresso machines do, you will need to get one that will serve your needs for a long time without breaking down. Even though there are espresso machine review sites like bisuszcoffee that help you choose the right espresso machine, the fact remains that no matter how awesomely the thing is built, you will have problems with it when you fail to maintain the parts and the whole machine in general. That is why you need to know how to do that so that you do not lose the machine before its time.

espresso machine mantainence

The steps that you follow when you do the maintenance on the machine will vary a little but here we will give you the general idea of what you are supposed to be keen on so that you do not have problems when you need to do this self service style. So, here are the steps that will help you clean and make sure the machine works properly.

  • Interior Cleaning

The deep interior include the parts that cannot be taken out but hold the ingredients like water, milk and other things. This interior is usually self cleaning as you put mostly water in it. But, even water is not that clean and it has the tendency to build up layers. Good thing is that you can take these out using the water cleaning solutions and vinegar. What happens is that you will put these solutions in equal measurements and then brew them and allow them to run before you rinse out the machine.

  • Special Solutions

When you are buying the solutions that clean the interior and the vinegar, you need to make sure that they are made especially for the job except the vinegar which is just the same. The liquids are made to ensure that they are specifically for the cleaning of such equipment and you will have to ask to know the ones that are suitable because there are some that are not.

  • Soak Removable Parts

Every week, you will need to soak the removable parts in water that is hot so that you can remove any of the dirt and slimy grime that tends to stick to them when you don’t. These parts are usually the nozzles, the portafilter and the group which is immediately above the portafilter. They will be cleaned using this method or they will not be as clean as they should be. Cold water especially doesn’t really work well with these removable parts so use hot or very warm.

After you have done this every week for the detachable parts and every month for the interior, you will have a machine that will be with you for a long time.

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